This is an RSI built second generation Viper. The second gen Vipers have forged internals so they can take a beating but RSI built this motor with a 522 cubic inch package (8.5 liters). They also gave it a pair of 67mm turbochargers.

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In the video it is running low boost so only 1000 horsepower or so. You can see how important a quality standalone ECU is to a build like this.

Not only can the owner adjust output but he has rolling anti-lag, traction control, and boost by gear. It really helps make putting 1500+ horsepower to the ground realistic and certainly safer than on the factory ECU.

The owner has it running around on drag radials which work quite well as illustrated around the minute mark with a run against a bolt on Gen V. The Gen V gets the jump and it is reeled in instantly as if it is not moving at all. The Gen II then effortlessly pulls away.

At the end of the video a second gen CTS-V with unknown mods tries its luck but the Viper is football fields ahead in seconds.

A spectacular machine.