• Bolt on C7 Z06 LT4 sets new record running 9.026 ET and 149.38 mph 1/4 mile

      Congratulations to AMP (Advanced Modern Performance) are in order. This is a new bolt on LT4 record which means the factory blower is still utilized. This is a stock internal LT4 V8 as well tuned on pump E85.

      149.38 is the fastest pass for the 8-speed automatic to date:

      Here is the sauce:

      C7Z LT4 bolton record, also the fastest LT4 powered C7Z with a 8 speed trans.
      2017 3LZ Z06
      Factory stock internal LT4. Original engine that came in the car, covers have never been off the engine.
      Synergy Motorsports race ported 2017 LT4 supercharger. Rick does an amazing job on this supercharger porting. This is the same port program that we used to go 8.72@156 in our shop car.
      Car made 814rwhp 860rwtq on pump E85, no ice in the water box.
      2.3/9.45 pulley combo makes 20.8 lbs of boost.
      Kooks 2 headers connected to the stock mufflers.
      AMP 5 air intake.
      DSX flex fuel kit and aux pump.
      AlkyControl dual nozzle meth.
      Cordes under hood water box. Stock HX and pump.
      Carlyle 15 rear conversion.
      AMP lightweight front race brake conversion.
      Stock mag ride shocks on all four corners. Passenger seat removed.
      3420 race weight with driver. Passes were made in 500ft da.
      The car went 9.06@148, 9.03@149 and 9.02@149.
      Squeezing nearly 150 miles per hour out of the factory blower and stock internals is commendable.

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