• Titan Motorsports pump gas tuned 2020 MKV Supra B58 vs. stock Supra and C6 LS3

      This video gives you a good idea as to how a tuned Supra performs compared to a stock example. Yes, the tuned Supra on 93 octane with a downpipe has a much stronger top end and the difference is quite large.

      For whatever reason the stock example seems to do better down low (better gear selection?) but the tuned car easily pulls every time exactly as it should.

      Runs with a C6 Corvette LS3 with a muffler delete are next. The tuned Supra barely edges what is basically a stock two generations old Corvette. The Supra loses the subsequent run where the Corvette jumps.

      It is going to take a lot of work for the MKV to approach the highway terror reputation of the MKIV if it ever does.

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