• LAAS 2018 - Genovation builds an all-electric C7 Corvette with 800 horsepower - Genovation GXE

      This is something we are going to see more and more of as electric conversions catch on. The Genovation GXE is an all-electric conversion for a C7 Corvette and one with performance as the focus.

      Genovation claims they are the first to exceed 220 miles per hour with an electric car and quotes a 220 mph top speed.

      You get a 175 mile range and 800 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque from twin electric motors with a recharge time of 6-hours. Not exactly a replacement for gasoline just yet but this more of a weekend toy sort of setup.

      0-60 comes in 2.5 seconds which is impressive but the Corvette will no longer handle like it did as weight balloons to 4200 pounds. That is a huge sacrifice.

      What is nice is that the consumer still has the choice of the manual or automatic transmission.

      Is this worth it? Not for $750k. BoostAddict would prefer the ZR1, Z06, or even the much lighter standard C7 frankly even if this conversion was a fraction of the price. This is a step in the right direction for electric performance cars though.

      The approach Vonnen is taking with supplementing the internal combustion motor with an electric motor makes more sense. It is also much cheaper and lighter.


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      1. quattr0's Avatar
        quattr0 -
        6-hour to charge? Epic fail. It will be DOA!
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by quattr0 Click here to enlarge
        6-hour to charge? Epic fail. It will be DOA!
        Even if it wasn't for the 6 hour charge the price tag already killed it.
      1. Bowser330's Avatar
        Bowser330 -
        Great to see small tuning shops coming out with their own electric performance cars. They don't have the access to the same level of parts as the big companies like Porsche do but they still push forward.

        A lot of mainstream EVs launching these days are prioritizing charging speed by using batteries that are strong enough to take a lot of power over a short period of time. For example the Porsche Taycan can charge 80% of its range (250 miles) in 15 minutes. The technology is already here, its just the Vette didn't get it.

        China has also supposedly setup the first mfg facility for solid state batteries, no liquid electrolyte makes the batteries much safer, so they can be pushed harder.

        The more lighter and stronger (fast charge) batteries become available to the general public the more the EV performance car revolution draws near.